Every one of the many diverse ethnic groups for whom Thailand is their home has been a vital contributor to the existing unique art and craft heritage of this ancient Kingdom.


Over centuries, this ethnic mix that gives us the important legacy of Thai art and craft, in both design form and applied skill, has gradually developed, integrated and adapted to meet local contemporary need, identity and pleasure. But today, with new communications and internationalism, maintaining this cultural inheritance meets new challenges which require new, imaginative methods to keep Thailand's 

living craft heritage alive.

In a recently restored shop-house, one of the oldest in Bangkok, the Heritage Craft Shop and Café is a convenient and interesting stop-over on a walkabout of the old city of Bangkok (Rattanakosin Island).


Just the place to take a rest in the heat of the day! Come in for a cup of fair-trade coffee or tea and a cake, bun or cookie and take a look at the crafts we have displayed.

ThaiCraft Fair Trade Co. Ltd. is an independent, locally-owned and self-supporting social enterprise promoting self-reliance for village artisans from all parts of Thailand, using Fair Trade practices.


Founded in 1992 as the ThaiCraft Association, our objectives are
- to generate a fair income for village artisans
- to help keep alive the diverse craft traditions in Thailand
- to promote and practise the principles of Fair Trade*


Sorry!   Shop is now closed down.
(September 2019)

35 Bamrung Muang Rd.,

San Chao Por Sua,

Phra Nakorn, Bangkok



Mon. - Fri. (ex. public holidays)

11 a.m. - 6 p.m.