ThaiCraft Fair Trade Co. Ltd. is an independent, locally-owned and self-supporting social enterprise promoting self-reliance for village artisans from all parts of Thailand, using Fair Trade practices.


Founded in 1992 as the ThaiCraft Association, our objectives are- to generate a fair income for village artisans- to help keep alive the diverse craft traditions in Thailand- to promote and practise the principles of Fair Trade*


In 2001, ThaiCraft became a trading company with the mission to:- be a leading Fair Trade organisation that provides sustainable market access and development for Thai artisans- give a better choice for modern customers of handmade products- increase producers' skills in production and business management (from experience and example)- create self-reliance for village artisan groups- prevent the need for subsidy by offering a viable commercial opportunity


Our producer partners are- over 60 artisan groups of various sizes and operational structures, of diverse backgrounds and cultures and from all regions of Thailand. They create thousands of fine hand-crafted products, including jewellery, clothing, fabrics, household items, basketry, decorations, stationery, musical instruments, learning games and more.- Some groups focus on, or include, people with special needs. Some others face social, political or environmental difficulties. The rest include village cooperatives, slum projects, and small community workshops.- All partners know about and are expected to follow Fair Trade practices and keep to internationally recognised standards of working behaviour and responsibility.






ThaiCraft is best known as organisers of the ThaiCraft Fair, a one-day event held monthly in central Bangkok. Around 50 different groups of artisans are invited to take part in partnership with ThaiCraft.






Fair Trade seeks to promote greater equity in trading partnerships through dialogue, transparency, and respect. It promotes sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers in developing countries.


In summary, fair trade organisations aim for

  • a fair price to producers for work done

  • transparent and ethical behaviour in trading

  • decent working conditions, no child or forced labour

  • opportunities for skills training in design, production and business

  • care for the environmental issues, both local and global.


ThaiCraft has been a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) since 1995.



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